Fed Oriental Pravasi Insurance

Fed Oriental Pravasi Insurance

In association with the Oriental Insurance Company we offer Fed Oriental Pravasi Insurance for NRI customers with a coverage of Rs 10,00,000/- against Death or Permanent Total Disablement due to accident and Medical treatment up to Rs 75,000/-.. 

Salient Features

  • No health check-up required for policy issuance
  • Policy valid for one year, renewable yearly through FedNet
  • Coverage of Rs 10,00,000/- against Death or Permanent Total Disablement due to accident in the country of employment
  • Medical treatment up to Rs 75,000/- for diseases contracted at the country of employment*
  • Transportation of Mortal remains to India  (Rs.10,000/-) in case of Accidental Death of insured person occurring at the country of employment
  • Maternity  benefit of Rs. 25,000/-
* If at any time during currency of this policy, the insured person whilst stay abroad in the country of employment shall contract any disease or suffer from any illness or sustain any bodily injury through accident and if such disease or injury shall require , upon the advice of a duly qualified medical practitioner or duly qualified surgeon to incur hospitalization expenses for medical / surgical treatment at any nursing home / hospital in the country of his employment as an inpatient, the Company will reimburse to the insured person / his assignee / legal representatives as the case may be, the amount of such expenses as are reasonably and necessarily incurred  in the country of his employment in respect thereof by or on behalf of such person maximum upto Rs. 75,000/- in Indian currency only.

Who is eligible for Fed Oriental Insurance policy?

This insurance scheme is available to all Indians Citizens who apply for and obtain an emigration clearance as required under the Emigrant Act, 1983 (31 of 1983) or NRIs between the age group of 18-60 years whilst stay abroad for the purpose of employment only, for the period of cover as stated in the schedule to the policy. Only the primary holder of NRI account is eligible for joining the policy.

How to Enroll ? (for existing customers)

Enrolling yourselves for the policy is just a few clicks away ! 

  • Log in to FedNet
  • Click on the ‘Customer Services’ tab
  • Click ‘New Service Requests’
  • Select ‘Fed Oriental Pravasi Insurance’
  • Select the Account
  • Accept Terms & Conditions and Submit
  • Charges applicable for the policy will be debited from your account.
Registration can be done only through FedNet, our Internet Banking facility. Please visit http://www.federalbank.co.in/fednet-registration to register for FedNet.

Personal Accident Cover

While in employment abroad:
  • Death by accident – INR 10,00,000
  • Permanent Disability by accident leading to loss of employment – INR 10,00,000

Hospitalisation Cover

Expenses pertaining to in-patient hospitalisation for medical / surgical treatment at any hospital in the country of employment, upto maximum Rs. 75,000/- are covered for diseases contracted at the country of employment; Reimbursement in Indian currency only.

Maternity Benefit

The policy is extended to cover actual maternity benefit expenses to the insured (Women only) upto a maximum limit of Rs. 25,000/-.
  1. Treatment should be taken by the insured in a Hospital / Nursing Home as inpatient.
  2. The reimbursement shall be restricted to actuals. Claim in respect of delivery for only first two children and / or operations associated therewith will be considered in respect of any one insured person covered under the Policy or any renewal thereof. Those insured persons who are already having two or more living children would not be eligible for this benefit.
MATERNITY EXPENSES BENEFIT means treatment taken in Hospital / Nursing Home arising from or traceable to pregnancy, childbirth including normal Caesarean Section.
Special conditions applicable to maternity expenses benefit extension:
  1. These Benefits are admissible if the expenses are incurred in Hospital / Nursing Home as in patients in India or in the country of employment or in India.
  2. A waiting period of 9 months is applicable for occurrence giving rise to any claim relating to normal delivery or caesarean section or abdominal operation for extra uterine pregnancy. The waiting period may be relaxed only in case of delivery, miscarriage or abortion induced by accident or other medical emergency.
1800 – 425 – 1199 
 1800 – 420 – 1199
+91 484 2630995 (For customers abroad)

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